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Wise Elk - Geometric Sorter

Wise Elk - Geometric Sorter

Wise Elk
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Wood is a “warm” natural material filled with the energy of nature. Toys from natural environmentally friendly wood are made by masters of the Ukrainian brand Cubika. Each of them is unique, beautiful in its own way and carries its own semantic load. The wooden geometric sorter from Wise Elk’s brand Cubika is a wonderful gift for a child who begins to get acquainted with colors and shapes. The sorter is based on the classic Montessori technique, which allows you to quickly teach your child these basic concepts. The eco game set will be interesting for independent and collective game. 

Features of the geometric sorter from Cubika:

  1. All elements are made of natural wood;
  2. The parts are smooth, perfectly polished;
  3. Safe water-based paints;
  4. Bright color scheme; 
  5. 24 parts; 
  6. Aims to develop coordination of movements and fine motor skills;
  7. Acquaints the child with shapes and colors; 
  8. Suitable for girls and boys;
  9. Toy parts are not deformed from frequent use; 
  10. High quality; 
  11. Long term of operation.