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This subscription is unique in that throughout the year you will have 12 total items (excludes bundle and certain --but not all --insert / prefold packs) to redeem. 

Forever Fit AI2 with Insert Combo? No Problem.

Gentle Fit with Snap In Trifold? No Problem.

New Solutions AIO? No Problem.

Simple Fit (coming soon)! No Problem. 

What else is in the works? A LOT!

Playmats, Pods, Change Mats, Fitteds, Flats, and Wool --you name it we are working on it! The few I named are just things that are being released THIS YEAR and that's not all of it.  You're probably thinking... wait... I can get any of those things in one of my 12 slots... the answer is YES and I'll tell you why.  This subscription is limited.  You are our pioneers, our supporters, our early adopters.  And for that we are thanking you! 

Once you purchase this package, you will receive 12 unique codes that can be used anytime for anything you want from our brand throughout the year! 

You will get free insured shipping on each item as well! 

And you will get to shop the releases on REVEAL day so you'll have them release day, or day after!

You will still accumulate perk cards which means this package has an auto built in 13th free item!