Pannolino Bambino - Solutions AIO

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Our Solutions AIO will fit tiny little newborns all they way to chunky thighed potty training toddlers -- the Solutions AIO will fit most babies from birth (tested at 6lbs) to potty training (tested to 50lbs depending on build).

The nappy shell is made of an waterproof outer layer of PUL and the interior of the nappy shell is lined with an absorbent layer of bamboo terry.

You will find a single snap in the back. This allows for snap in trifolds (our favorite), our 6 layer inserts, and our new snake style insert.

Without any snap in absorbency the Solutions AIO nappy when rise is fully out, resembles the silhouette of underwear and they are easy to pull up and down if you wish to use for potty training.  

The Solutions AIO features a single row waist snap setting.  You will also find a set of crossover snaps that are helpful getting a great fit on an itty bitty newborn.

Rise is 3x4 to allow for a perfect fit every time.

There is a front waist elastic for a gap free fit and tummy panel to ensure a snug and secure fit for those tummy sleeping tots.

Wash and Care - follow your normal routine, it’s not one size fits all 😉