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Mikki Chewz - Banana Blu Pretzel - Add On

Mikki Chewz - Banana Blu Pretzel - Add On

Mikki Chewz
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Banana Blu Pretzel Chew

 This Chew is made of white chocolate. It is dusted in a mixture of banana chips, toasted coconut, and butter cookie. It tastes like a yummy blueberry muffin, filled with crunchy bits of pretzel and chewy blueberries. 

About the Chocolate (only)

  • Made from a Local “Bean to Bar” company in South Bend Indiana
  • It is three ingredients white chocolate (42% cocoa butter, 28% milk powder, 32% sugar) 
  • All of the ingredients in chocolate are organic. 
  • Cocoa butter is from Ecuador 
  • Very aromatic
  • Some nice nutty qualities

About  what’s in the Banana Blu Mikki Chew

  • Mixed with chewy dried blueberries, crunchy organic pretzels, and vanilla
  • Coated in organic dried sweetened banana chips, butter cookie,  toasted coconut, and malted milk powder
  • Tastes like a buttery blueberry muffin