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Mavie - Take Me to Hong Kong Eye-shadow Palette

Mavie - Take Me to Hong Kong Eye-shadow Palette

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Unleash your inner wanderlust with our “Take Me To…” eyeshadow palettes. This collection is created for the adventurous souls who fancy exploring the world and discovering new aspects about themselves. Take on the endless possibilities of looks you can create with the collection. Travel beyond your comfort zone and have fun with it.

Hong Kong, not only is a financial hub in Asia Pacific, but also a melting pot of Eastern values and Western influences. The multicultural heritage, the contemporary landscape, and the fast-paced way of life. “Take Me To… Hong Kong” features a vintage and vivid mixture of high-contrast hues that light up the busy city’s mesmerizing skies. 

Did you know… Dim Sum is Hong Kong’s version of brunch. Translated as “touch your heart”, dim sum touches every foodie’s heart with its delicately made bite-size deliciousness.

Cruelty free. Paraben free. Gluten free. Vegan friendly.

Shades & Finishes:
Pantyhose Milk Tea: Fair Camel || Matte
LKF: Yellow Gold || Metallic
Ferry Ride: Indigo || Metallic
Harbor at Night: Velvet Purple || Matte
Hong Kong Taxi: Berry Red || Matte
Street Vendor: Fern Green || Shimmer
City Tour: Dark Green || Metallic
Dim Sum: Persian Red || Matte
Melting Pot: Barn Red Brown || Metallic