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At Mavie., we believe we were all born unique. Our “Eye Am Unique” collection features high-performance products that enhance the windows to your soul. Because what’s better than letting your eyes do the talking?

We all have a special talent or two that no one else may be aware of… but did you realize your lashes have a ton more potential than you knew of?

That’s why we created our Hidden Talent Mascara, the first hero product of our “Eye Am Unique” collection, to bring out the best of your natural eyelashes. It is formulated light-weight to define and enhance the beauty of your own lashes, the rough diamonds you were born with. This waterproof formula is not intended to add lots of volume for a dramatic effect, but instead, to craft the lashes for a natural, effortless, and professionally done look. With simply a coat or two, the formula DEFINES, LIFTS, SEPARATES, and HOLDS THE CURLS for the entire day — without the unwanted smears, smudges, and flakes.

You’ll be surprised how much hidden talent your lashes have, with a little help from our Hidden Talent Mascara. We promise it will never make them look like someone else’s. They’re yours, effortlessly enhanced.

Hidden Talent Mascara is also infused with active conditioning ingredients particularly found in J-Beauty: Cherry leaf extract, yuzu fruit extract, and swertia herb extract. These active ingredients help moisturize and repair damaged hair while keeping it smooth and non-irritated. 

Cruelty free. Paraben free. Gluten free. Vegan friendly.

Shade & Finish:
Shade: Black
Finish: Waterproof


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