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Mavie Cosmetics - Curiosity Lipstick

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Pucker up and strike! Recognize your unique quality and super charge it with our “Power Charms” lipsticks. Look amazing, feel empowered, and unlock the potential of your mind & the world around you. Ready, set, smile!

Curiosity — the strong desire to learn, know, and inquire about things — is at its best when you continue venturing into the unknown, and see where it takes you.

Our “Power Charms” lipsticks in matte finish are enriched with natural essential oils, plant-based oils & waxes, and natural cruelty-free beeswax, to offer a non-drying, pigmented formula that feels good on your lips.

Shade & Finish:
Shade: Oranges/Corals
Finish: Matte
No added fragrance

Net Weight:
0.16oz / 4.5g

Made in USA

How to Use:
Use a lip primer to get your lips pout-ready. Then glide the lipstick on directly from the tube, use a lip brush, or dab with your fingers. As long as the color goes on!

Want more? Layer up to build intensity and refine your lips with a lip pencil. Reapply lipstick after an affectionate kiss!