Green + Lovely - Probiotic Deodorant - Lemon Lavender

Green + Lovely - Probiotic Deodorant - Lemon Lavender

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Scent:   Lavender Lemon - light, crisp and airy scent of summer 

100% Natural! VEGAN Probiotic Magnesium Deodorant Cream - baking soda free!

  • - baking soda free
  • - vegan
  • - mineral formula
  • - probiotics
  • - powdery finish
  • - no artificial fragrances
  • - it works


Our deodorant is a "dry" cream, so it won't make your fingers or clothing all greasy like some natural cream deodorants. It will glide on and result in a powdery finish without unwanted clumps of deodorant.

Your underarms, whether a man, woman or child, are very delicate, and the pores in that area function as a disposal site for bacteria and toxins while it is releasing moisture (sweat) to cool you down.  THEY SHOULD NEVER BE CLOGGED or prevented from releasing moisture!  Commercial antiperspirants are clad with chemicals such as Triclosan to kill bacteria, and Alumimum to prevent sweating.

Your skin is capable of absorbing up to 70% of everything that gets on it!  That means toxins!  I keep that in mind when I am formulating and creating products for my customers.  Because I know that the skin is so incredibly unique and porous, I use that as an advantage to getting the good stuff in!  


Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax, Organic Coconut Oil, Magnesium Hydroxide, Arrowroot Powder, Zinc Oxide, Essential Oil Blend (Lavender & Lemon), Inulin, Vitamin E.


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