Earthsuds - Zero Waste Conditioner Tablets

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Looking for a getaway? This airy and fresh scent will take you through a Finnish day from the sauna to a splash in the lake. This gender-neutral, lightly scented product will wrap you in calming clean and cedar notes and allow you to indulge in our therapeutic grade essential oils. Treat yourself with this soft, luxurious spa scent to transform your showering experience into your self-care sanctuary.

Feed your hair and give your dinner a run for its money by stacking it up against the nutrients in your conditioner. Packed with vitamin E, this is the best moisture-rich food your hair can ask for. Mango butter and argan oil soften and seal every strand and are protective against harmful sun rays. When applied to the scalp this conditioner helps to reduce dandruff and restore elasticity, making the ideal environment for hair to grow.