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CooperRose - Flax Linen Fitted - Royal

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Flax Linen Fitted by CooperRose™

100% Flax Linen Outside
1 Layer of Heavy Hemp/Organic Cotton core

1 Layer of Organic Cotton Velour inside (95% Organic Cotton, 5% Polyester)

1 Insert Set - Contoured, 4 layers total (1 layer organic cotton velour and 3 layers Heavy Hemp/Organic Cotton)

One Size Snapless Diaper (10-40lbs) - to enclose the diaper, a snappi or diaper pin is needed.

Wash Instructions: Exclusively Breastfed (EBF) Babies have water soluble solid waste. Soiled diapers from EBF babies can be washed without rinsing. Once babies begin solids or anything other than breastmilk, diapers must be rinsed before washing. All diapers should have a machine washed rinse on cold, followed by a full wash on hot. Do not bleach diapers or use dryer excessively. Hanging dry will lead to stronger elastic and a longer diaper life.