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Chagrin Valley - Body Scrub - Citrus & Sugar

Chagrin Valley - Body Scrub - Citrus & Sugar

Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve
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An organic body scrub that exfoliates and washes at the same time! Nourishing organic oils whipped with a medley of organic sugars and a touch of our organic aloe soap create a body cleansing cream and sugar scrub in one great product.

  • Stimulate dull and lifeless skin!
  • Different sugars have different grain textures and each provides its own level of exfoliation
  • Removing dead skin cells allows natural oils to penetrate and moisturize
  • The addition of our organic aloe soap provides gentle cleansing
  • Try our bamboo spatula for scooping out the body scrub




All of our sugars are organic and vegan (bone-char free).

Ingredients in Aloe Soap: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Organic Coconut Oil; Water; Organic Aloe Butter; Sodium Hydroxide; Organic Aloe Vera; Organic Castor Oil; Organic Essential Oils of Lemon, Bergamot, Lavender, Eucalyptus; Organic Parsley; Organic Cornstarch; Organic Rosemary Oil Extract


How to Use



  • Use several times a week in place of soap
  • Place a bit of scrub in wet hands and rub together
  • Massage on wet skin
  • Pay special attention to dry, rough patches
  • Wet hands and massage again
  • The scrub will melt into a light cream lather
  • Rinse and pat dry.

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