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Butter Me Up Organics

Butter Me Up Organics- Moon Balm

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This balm is Ah-Mazing! In this blend, we use powerful herbs aligned with the divine feminine as well as pain-relieving oils and essential oils to combat both the physical and emotional pain that comes with the moon phases. Simply apply to the womb area or pulse points to feel ease and relaxation. This balm smells amazing too!

Ingredients: Olive Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Black Seed Oil*, Lemon Balm*, Lavender*, Chamomile*, Ginger*, Arnica*, Rosemary*, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil*, Marjoram EO, Clary Sage EO*, Ylang Ylang, Roses*, Rose Absolut*, Lavender EO*, Chamomile Absolut*, Rosemary EO*
*Certified Organic