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Big Bee Little Bee - Build-a-Straw - Rainbow

Big Bee Little Bee - Build-a-Straw - Rainbow

Big Bee, Little Bee
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Create any straw height you like, to accommodate any size cup or bottle! Each straw contains 4 sections: 3 straight and 1 bendy. Kit also includes two leak-resistant travel pouches to keep straws contained when you’re out and about, and keep your clean straws separate from your used straws!

| 5 Straws (multicolor) + 2 Travel Pouches (1 “All Clean” + 1 "Wash Me”) + 1 Straw Cleaner

| Materials: 100% Nonporous, Food-Safe, Recyclable Silicone (Free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC and Lead)

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