Bebeboo Diapers Change Mat

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  • Introducing the Bebeboo Change Mat.


    Features :

    • Size MATters!!!  Approximately 19x27 inches perfect for diaper changes in public restrooms, camping, or even as an extra layer of protection on your changin table.
    • Perfect for travel as it is light weight and folds thin, or fold it into thirds and roll. Secure roll with a snap-in closure. 
    • Durable waterproof PUL is paired with a layer of soft bamboo viscose. 
    • The bamboo viscose layer is absorbent enough to catch little accidents and can double as emergency towel for impromptu splash pad trips.



    Fabric Content :

    (PUL) polyurethane HEAT laminated POLYBLEND fabric

    Bamboo Viscose



    Note :

    • Prints are non-positional, will vary and may look different from the photos.
    • Wash before first use. 
    • Machine washable, tumble dry low or hang dry
    Diapers are CPSIA compliant.
  • Small batch production and ethically made.
  • Tags and packaging (stickers, note cards, etc) are printed using plant based ink on paper that has a minimum recycled contect of 30%. We skipped the UV coating and other gloss finish to avoid unecessary chemicals and ensure that our tags can be recycled and or composted safely. 
  • Each order is thoughtfully packaged with eco-friendly supplies.