PanBam Perk Program

These only come with full priced items.

We are thrilled you are the pioneers of our nappy brand!

To reward you we have come up with a system in which you collect our product hang tags.

Most release days we offer double perks the day of release, or for the whole weekend.  Keep your eyes peeled for other perk incentives!

When you accumulate 10, you post them back to us! 

Don't lose them!

Address to post back:

3770 East Antisdale Rd

South Euclid, Ohio 44118

When we receive them we will promptly issue you a code for your free item for almost anything under our brand umbrella.

Write me a note and you might get something extra in your next order, I love getting to know our PanBamFam & love snail mail!

Thank you again for supporting our new brand and helping to recycle our product hang tags.

Some restrictions do apply: may not be applicable on certain insert / prefold packs.