Be On The Look Out For New Things Popping Up Throughout The Week!


  • Bare and Boho

    Doesn’t the gorgeous prints from Bare and Boho take your breathe away and make you want to buy them all??? Bare and Boho is an Australian brand that features hand-painted artwork and offers a variety of products for baby and mama. Designer cloth nappies for the minimalist, but I’m not sure how to be a minimalist with all the beautiful prints and products.
  • Diaper Rite

    It’s easy to be captivated by all the new print releases and new brands coming to Pannolino Bambino that we overlook some hidden gems. Diaper Rite is one of those hidden gems of the cloth diaper market. It’s a brand that began in 2006 with flats and then grew to inserts, covers, pockets, and all-in-ones. The brand has experienced countless changes to their all-in-one, then launched the 3.1 in 2016.
  • Birdrock Baby

    I have never been much of a baby shoe person until I tested Birdrock Baby moccasins. It can be a trick to keep baby shoes on, and with baby feet constantly growing, it wasn’t worth my time or money. Even in the winter, my babies just wore socks until they started walking. Finally, I was able to try a Birdrock Baby on my son, and I need more.