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I don't know about y'all, but Christmas is sneaking up on me this year! Despite it being the longest year in history this Fall has flown by! Pan Bam is having a big Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday sale this year. More details and specifics are on the website... go check them out! 👀
PanBam great one-stop shop for Christmas shopping, but I also find so many things are the perfect size (and price!) for stocking stuffers. Here's a short list of what I'd recommend for stockings:

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This past August I moved from Japan to Virginia with a 18 month old and two dogs by myself. The trip included 36 hours in airports/on flights, 1 night in a hotel, and 10+ hours in a car. In the following month I also did three 6-12 hour car rides with my crew. It was not ideal, and probably one of the hardest things I've managed, BUT I learned a lot along the way and want to share my tips with you!
For the sake of keeping this a reasonable length I will focus on flights with kids. 

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For the first time in my life I actually have a skincare routine! Up until now I've tried and tested different things, but never felt like it was "the one" or something I could consistently afford. But now it's a whole new world and I feel like a real adult 😆

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It's finally here! After collecting LOTS of feedback and figuring out production during a pandemic, the Pannolino Bambino diapers have arrived! 

I know that so much hard work has gone into these diapers and I am so thankful because they are truly unique and wonderful. Here are a few of my favorite highlights:

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Today, I want to specifically talk about the Hello Cup. The Hello Cup has several features that I love and make it stand apart from other cups.

1. A Round Toggle

In previous cups I've used the stick was pretty useless. The stick is not used for removal because the seal needs to be broken first and there will be a mess if you remove a cup just willy-nilly with a flimsy stick. A few friends have even said that the typical sticks can be uncomfortable and stab them. The Hello Cup's round toggle creates a more stable type of handle or grip for adjusting the cup after insertion. The design also works well to hold while breaking the seal for removal and the round shape eliminates the stabbing. 

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