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  • Why I Choose Chemical Free

    The choice to move my family toward chemical free was not sudden or overnight. It has been a gradual and ongoing shift. I am not a doctor or scientist, but I wanted to share what things influenced my decision and practical ways to implement no tox items.
  • Recess Fit Kit Review

    Yesterday was a crazy day. Well, most days have been crazy lately with a toddler who is always busy and wanting to be out exploring in the warm weather. My husband was working late and we had a drive-by social distancing birthday party to go to as soon as he got home. I felt gross not having time for a shower (it had only been about a day since my last one, but I had spent most of the 80 degree day outside). The Recess Fit Kit saved me and had me feeling fresh enough to go out and about.
  • 50 Uses For Wetbags

    Wetbags are one of the most versatile diaper accessories and can be used far beyond diapering years. I've compiled a list of uses for the entire family, every age and lifestyle. If you don't have an assortment of wetbags you are missing out! 
  • Nikki's Winter Round Up

    Winter is almost over and the cherry blossoms have started blooming in my part of the world! I wanted to pass along five of my favorite PanBam products that I have been loving this winter. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom for a discount code!

  • Natural Shampoo Bars

    There has been a lot of talk around PanBam about shampoo bars lately. It's made me curious and I guess you could say I'm on a hair journey now. There are so many benefits to using natural shampoo bars; they eliminate the need for single use plastic bottles, they don't include harmful chemicals that damage your hair in the long run, and they often keep hair looking fresh for longer than commercialized bottled shampoos.
  • Liquid-Free Toiletry Bag

    I've always dreaded packing for a flight, especially when it came to packing my toiletries. Consequently, that also makes me a last minute packer and I've made many last minute trips to the store to buy a smaller tube of toothpaste and 4oz bottles to transfer my shampoo and conditioner into. It's stressful to be expected to fit everything into a quart-sized bag when all my liquids were packaged in bulky bottles.
  • Puppi Wool Covers - Part One

    So, here's all the info you need to know about why you should wool, how to wash it, how to lanolize, and how to dry. Stay tuned for part two about Puppi wool sizing, and absorbency under the cover.
  • Baby Steps

    I think that New Year's resolutions should be marked and celebrated the same way. Resolving to "go green," can feel like an unachievable marathon. Perhaps instead of focusing on a daunting finish line decide to take some baby steps throughout the year.