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  • Oh Hello, Cup

    Today, I want to specifically talk about the Hello Cup. The Hello Cup has several features that I love and make it stand apart from other cups.

    1. A Round Toggle

    In previous cups I've used the stick was pretty useless. The stick is not used for removal because the seal needs to be broken first and there will be a mess if you remove a cup just willy-nilly with a flimsy stick. A few friends have even said that the typical sticks can be uncomfortable and stab them. The Hello Cup's round toggle creates a more stable type of handle or grip for adjusting the cup after insertion. The design also works well to hold while breaking the seal for removal and the round shape eliminates the stabbing. 

  • Why I Choose A Menstrual Cup

    This past winter my family was going on a beautiful beach vacation. I had been planning this trip for years after it got postponed the first time when I found out I was pregnant with our son. I had a full itinerary planned and most of it involved being in my swim suit... It was going to be a dream! And then I looked at my calendar and realized that my period was due the second day of vacation. 

    After brief disappointment I became thankful that I switched to using a cup. Eliminating tampons and pads made the beach, pool, and adventures so much easier. 

  • Why I Choose Chemical Free

    The choice to move my family toward chemical free was not sudden or overnight. It has been a gradual and ongoing shift. I am not a doctor or scientist, but I wanted to share what things influenced my decision and practical ways to implement no tox items.