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Recess Fit Kit Review

Yesterday was a crazy day. Well, most days have been crazy lately with a toddler who is always busy and wanting to be out exploring in the warm weather. My husband was working late and we had a drive-by social distancing birthday party to go to as soon as he got home. I felt gross not having time for a shower (it had only been about a day since my last one, but I had spent most of the 80 degree day outside). The Recess Fit Kit saved me and had me feeling fresh enough to go out and about. 

Shout out to my Crunchy Love & Co headband and some Honeybee Gardens powder too for helping me feel put together!

I used the body wipe on all the sweaty areas minus my armpits. The fragrance is BOLD at first, but really does the trick and mellows out after a few minutes. Next was the deodorant wipe which I really put to the test... I decided to skip regular deodorant to see how long these things worked. By noon the next day my pits still smelled fine! The bacteria fighting face wipe was the last step and helped me feel the most confident to go out. I hate when my face feels greasy so this wipe did the trick cleaning me up without drying out my face or making it oily. 

My husband tried the kit too, and he gave it a big run for it's money! He started his day by riding his bike back and forth to work and then did a workout when he got home before using the Recess Fit Kit. He was surprised by how strong the fragrance was on the body wipe as well, but he really needed something strong, ha! He was most impressed with the deodorant wipe which completely took away his stink. He concluded that nothing can really replace a shower after a workout, but he DID feel confident to go back to work or out and about after the wipes. 

I would definitely recommend the Recess Fit Kit for people on the go. I can't count the amount of times I needed a pick-me-up in between meetings, after work, or after the gym. They also come in handy when my kid isn't cooperating for me to take a shower, especially with the weather warming up!

You can find Recess Wipes at Pannolino Bambino, and you can use code NIKKI to get 10% off your purchase.