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It's finally here! After collecting LOTS of feedback and figuring out production during a pandemic, the Pannolino Bambino diapers have arrived! 

I know that so much hard work has gone into these diapers and I am so thankful because they are truly unique and wonderful. Here are a few of my favorite highlights:

1. Gentle Fit Gussets

These diapers are the most gentle I have ever used. Bri, the owner of PanBam, has worked tirelessly to create a gentle diaper for even chunky legged babies and she has done it! They have double gussets still for a great leg seal, but are covered with a special mesh fabric to eliminate red marks. 

2. One Size Fits Most


These are the MOST GENUINE one size fits most diapers I have seen. They have more rise and hip snaps than most brands, which allow them to be itty bitty for newborns OR very large for toddlers. I've used several "one size" diapers and still needed newborns in the beginning and extra large ones now that he's a toddler. While I LOVE the excuse to buy more cute diapers 😏, the minimalist part of me is so excited to have one diaper last from birth until potty training. Check out the photo above for a peek at a fully snapped vs fully expanded diaper. 

 3. Lots of Stuffing Capacity

You can pack a lot of punch with these diapers! They have a snap for snap in inserts which PanBam carries, or use your own custom creation of prefolds, flats, or inserts. My toddler has a pretty strong bladder, so it takes a lot of absorbency to contain his messes and these PanBam diapers have held up great! I've also heard from more than one person that they can hold enough absorbencies to last through the night. 

4. Cute Factor

You guys, these diapers are SO CUTE. And I'm not just biased because I love PanBam.... If you know me, you know that I am picky and only buy things that I love. The patterns are cute and the solids are drool worthy. AND I can confirm that the next drop includes several beautiful custom painted diapers... they just keep getting better!

5. A Company with a Vision

Pannolino Bambino wants to make sustainable lifestyle options available to all demographics. This includes lower income families who need an affordable and practical approach to cloth diapering. To accomplish this vision, PanBam has created Cloth Diaper Kits which have the essentials needed to cloth diaper a newborn till potty training (with an every 3 day wash routine) for less than $200. This kit will include the most practical and minimal needs while still putting kiddos in high quality and beautiful cloth diapers! Sustainable lifestyles can TRULY be for everyone!

Cloth diaper kits will be available at the end of October. A variety of PanBam diapers, multipurpose prefolds, catch it all inserts, and swim diapers are available at

Remember to use code NIKKI on your order to save 10%!


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