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I recently wrote about why I love using a menstrual cup. You can check it out here. 

Today, I want to specifically talk about the Hello Cup. The Hello Cup has several features that I love and make it stand apart from other cups.

1. A Round Toggle

In previous cups I've used the stick was pretty useless. The stick is not used for removal because the seal needs to be broken first and there will be a mess if you remove a cup just willy-nilly with a flimsy stick. A few friends have even said that the typical sticks can be uncomfortable and stab them. The Hello Cup's round toggle creates a more stable type of handle or grip for adjusting the cup after insertion. The design also works well to hold while breaking the seal for removal and the round shape eliminates the stabbing. 

2. Two in a Package

Cups are meant to last for years, but our bodies change a lot over the course of years. Especially if you are having babies. Buying a package with two size cups in it helped assure me that I would get a good fit. I wouldn't need to order and wait for another if one didn't fit. It also made me confident in a long term plan that if my sizing changes after another baby I will have another size cup already on hand. You can check out the two pack here.

3. Comfort

This one is simple: I couldn't feel my cup at all. Usually it takes a few minutes of adjusting for my cup to become unnoticeable and every now and then I could notice it still. Immediately the Hello Cup was comfortable and I completely forgot about it.

4. Design

The design of these cups just feels like high quality. I would be shocked if one of these cups cracked or became damaged. They manage to be durable while still comfortable. I have less leaks than I've ever had with another cup; I still wear a panty liner on my heaviest day for my own peace of mind, but I've really been finding that not much gets by these!

5. A Company With A Purpose

Hello Cup is based out of New Zealand and has a giving campaign called "Hello Kindness," where they choose organizations from all over the world to support each year. These organizations are chosen specifically to improve the lives of people around the globe. I'm 500% down with my money helping to support women, children, and the homeless population. 

If you're interested in the Hello Cup you can check out the variety PanBam has here and remember to use code "NIKKI" at checkout to save!






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