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Nikki's Winter Round Up

Winter is almost over and the cherry blossoms have started blooming in my part of the world! I wanted to pass along five of my favorite PanBam products that I have been loving this winter. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom for a discount code!

1. Naturally Vain Shampoo and Conditioner

I told myself that I was done talking about shampoo bars. After this I will be. Maybe. Naturally Vain is so easy to use, lathers great, cleans my hair so well, and smells AMAZING. Mine for normal hair smells like sweet mint! PanBam carries Naturally Vain for several hair types as well as one for men.

Bonus: The Naturally Vain store looks like a Canadian Lush and I am dying to try their bath bombs.

2. Chagrin Valley Dry Shampoo

I usually wash my hair every 2-3 days. This keeps my hair from getting dry, but sometimes it needs a little pick me up to stay looking fresh. Chagrin Valley dry shampoo is like no other dry shampoo I've used before. It is a loose powder NOT pressurized in an aerosol can, and it does NOT have any harmful chemicals. Plus, it's the first dry shampoo I've seen for dark hair, which means my hair doesn't look dusty when I use it. There are two different fragrances and each have the option for light or dark hair.

P.s. That is second day hair in the photo above!

3. Honeybee Gardens Mineral Powder

I'm going to be honest and tell you I tried this on a whim; I was not planning to switch to natural cosmetics but figured I'd give it a try since other powders I've used made me break out. I had low expectations and was blown away. A light dusting evened my complexion and gave me a glow. It looked and felt fresh all day, and it even smells nice.

4. Diaper Rite Covers

We tried diaper rite when my boy was about 6 months old and growing rapidly. It fit well, but I was concerned that it wouldn't fit long so we passed at the time. FAST FORWARD to now, where my guy is a little over a year old and has lost a lot of his baby rolls *insert sobbing mama* and when I tried it again I found that Diaper Rite is still has a great fit. Now I wish I would have used them the whole time! My favorite part is the snug yet gentle fit with hip snaps; I haven't had a leak yet with Diaper Rite.

5. Bare & Boho Mini Wetbags

I took the advice of several reps and tried out a mini wetbag for myself... who can resist beautiful prints like dark botanics from Bare & Boho!? I am traveling this week and will be packing my makeup in this wetbag. It would also be the perfect size for a little wristlet purse or for toiletries. Larger sizes would be perfect for our dirty clothes or wet swim stuff. Moral of the story? Wetbags are useful for so much more than dirty diapers.

What products are you loving this season? What are you excited to try next? Let me know in the comments! You can use code NIKKI on anything in this blog for a 10% discount at checkout.