My New Skincare Routine

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For the first time in my life I actually have a skincare routine! Up until now I've tried and tested different things, but never felt like it was "the one" or something I could consistently afford. But now it's a whole new world and I feel like a real adult 😆

1. The Makeup Eraser

I use this thing every night and it is a MIRACLE. Just add water and gently wipe to remove all makeup, including waterproof mascara. 

2. Shea Rose Complexion Bar by Chagrin Valley

I use this soap 2 times a day, in the morning and at night. It does a great job at keeping my face clean without drying me out. It also smells HEAVENLY. 

3. Bohemian Reeves Face Moisturizer

This one was the game changer. I have been hunting for the perfect moisturizer for SO LONG. The ones I would find were full of chemicals and/or in heavy plastic bottles. Bohemian Reeves is light and fresh feeling, natural, and in a glass bottle. Win, win, win! I use 1-2 times a day because I am a BIG believer that the secret to looking young is to moisturize regularly. 

4. Pantry Nourishing Night Time Cream

This stuff is luxurious! It is so heavy duty that I typically only use it 1-2 times a week, but lemme tell ya, it moisturizes SO WELL. I especially love using it around my eyes. 

5. Exfoliating Konjac Sponge by Me Mother Earth

This is a super cool, organic, exfoliator! It comes dried out and hard and softens with warm water. It has a gentle exfoliation and I use it once a week with my regular face soap. Because it is made of organic Japanese Konjac it needs to dry fully in-between uses to reduce bacteria growth, which is why I use it once a week. I also believe that exfoliation isn't necessary super often if you have a good wash routine down. 

These also will be stocking again soon with a green tea variety as well!

If you didn't notice, I like my routine very simple. I prefer to keep getting ready in the morning to 45 mins or under (including a shower!) and my night time routine to 10ish minutes. I don't have time for things to be complicated. I've found this routine to be the quickest and most effective.

Remember to use code NIKKI at checkout for a discount on any of my skincare routine items!

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