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I've always dreaded packing for a flight, especially when it came to packing my toiletries. Consequently, that also makes me a last minute packer and I've made many last minute trips to the store to buy a smaller tube of toothpaste and 4oz bottles to transfer my shampoo and conditioner into. It's stressful to be expected to fit everything into a quart-sized bag when all my liquids were packaged in bulky bottles.
The beauty of living an eco-conscious lifestyle is the array of liquid-free toiletries! Add these products to your toiletry bag and you'll make it through security stress-free!

Fresc toothpaste tabs come in a small, portable bottle. It uses organic ingredients like bamboo salt and menthol and contains sodium fluoride which gives you the same anti-bacterial benefits as any other toothpaste. You simply chew on the tablet a couple times to create a paste and brush like normal. When you first chew the tablet, it has a chalky/grainy consistency, but quickly dissolves to a foamy paste. Chewing the tablet was a fun experience, plus, the flavor Aqua Mint was refreshing!
Rosemary Wellness products are made without dyes and artificial fragrances. They are also vegan! The apple cider vinegar shampoo has a light scent and lathers well. Compared to Glitz, it leaves my hair feeling "squeaky clean." The bar is also pretty big so you can cut the bar in half (or even fourths) for travel.
I have thin, curly hair so when I tried Rosemary Wellness' conditioner, it was a game changer. After my hair dried, my curls were so defined! There's no need for a leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz product afterward. Some advice for using this conditioner: use it sparingly! Since the shampoo left my hair feeling "sqeaky," I expected the conditioner to make my hair feel silkier but it didn't. I over applied the first time and although my curls were still defined, it looked a bit greasy. The bar can also be cut into smaller pieces to accommodate a smaller container for travel.
Who needs to buy liquid makeup remover when you have the Makeup Eraser! Made out of polyester, the fine fibers removes makeup with only water! It's seriously magic the way it takes off waterproof mascara with minimal effort. After use, they can be washed and reused for 3-5 years.
Chagrin Valley has been one of Panbam's most popular brand. The Shea Rose complexion bar is a moisturizing blend of shea butter, mango butter, and coconut milk. It is gentle and doesn't leave your skin feeling tight. Aside from being a great facial bar, it can also double as a body bar for travel, so there's no need to bring a body wash!
You're also probably wondering how to pack all of your toiletries since a majority of these products are soaps. If you decide to cut your soaps into smaller pieces, you can fit them all in a food storage container you already have in your kitchen cabinet. Others have used tins, beeswax wraps, and reusable storage bags.
Happy Travels!
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