How to "Convince" Your Spouse to Cloth Diaper

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I hear this question ALL. THE. TIME. "My spouse is hesitant/nervous/hates the idea of cloth diapering
... How do I convince them??" I'm going to be honest, some of the responses I see on various groups surprises me. I believe that marriages, relationships, and friendships are more important than disagreements. At the same time though, it is really great having a support system while raising children and being on the same page. So without further ado, here's my perspective on how to "convince" your spouse (or anyone) to cloth diaper.

1. Mention why it's important to you

Most people who love us care about the things that are important to us. If the environment is important to you share that passion with your partner. If saving money is important, share that; and if you feel like it is the best choice for the well-being of your child share that with your partner. A rule of thumb in our house is to always say things kindly, even if it's a difficult topic or a disagreement -always aim to use kindness and respect. When your partner understands you and your passion they are more likely to consider getting on board.

2. Suggest why it might be important to them

At the beginning, cloth diapers might look like a more difficult or messier choice to our partners. What they might not see is the benefits for our babies, the Earth, and our wallets. For my husband the cost savings was the thing that convinced him. One of my friends lovingly calls her husband "captain planet," so the environmental impact was a good selling point for him. 

3. Make it easy for them

This one may require some compromise, but if you want your partner on board they should have a say in the system that you use. My husband prefers covers because of the cost effectiveness. We also just moved and our bathroom set up didn't allow us to use the shower head as a sprayer anymore... My husband disliked doing dunk and swish so I caved and bought a sprayer even though I didn't see it as necessary (now I totally love it, by the way!). This is a way that made cloth diapering manageable for him, and I love that he is willing to support it. Listen to your partner graciously and be willing to hear them out.

4. Set an example

At the end of the day, I think that the most convincing thing is for our partners to see that cloth diapering works and that it's not too difficult. This might mean doing it by yourself. But, I think that when our partners see us doing it with a good attitude they are more likely to jump on board. And even if they don't, even part-time cloth diapering reduces the amount of disposables in landfills and saves money.
If you're new to cloth diapers or considering starting, our Facebook group is a great way to learn and gain support. Support is such a big thing, especially if you don't have the full support of your family. PanBam also offers some great discounts for beginning stashes, including a rewards program and a gently used newborn stash program. Remember to use code NIKKI to save!

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