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It’s easy to be captivated by all the new print releases and new brands coming to Pannolino Bambino that we overlook some hidden gems. Diaper Rite is one of those hidden gems of the cloth diaper market. It’s a brand that began in 2006 with flats and then grew to inserts, covers, pockets, and all-in-ones. The brand has experienced countless changes to their all-in-one, then launched the 3.1 in 2016. Initially, the brand was exclusive to Diaper Junction; however, with the new direction, they are available through Diaper Rite and two amazing retailers. I believe we will soon see more amazing things from Diaper Rite. Good things take time.
The Diaper Rite 3.1 is one of the most affordably priced all-in-ones on the market. With that said, they are responsibly made in China. The diaper is 80% Bamboo and 20% polyester. It's amazing to me that the owner can keep the price so affordable and have such a quality build and materials.
Now let's move on to the features of the diaper. The diaper has a 3x3 rise snap setting, Which fits babies approximately 8-35lbs. It contains two rows of waist snaps to ensure a better fit. It also has cross over snaps and hips snaps.

The diaper includes a small and large insert with two snaps at one end to secure an insert to the front and back of the diaper. Each insert has five layers of bamboo/polyester, and two additional layers sewn into the body of the diaper. That’s a whopping twelve layers!

The diaper shell is polyester with TPU laminate. It has a tpu belly panel inside the front and back of the diaper to prevent leaks. The front of the diaper measures almost 11in. The back of the diaper measures 15in across, from the end of one wing to the other. The leg elastics are about 6in and extremely stretchy to accommodate both slender and chunky thighs. Finally, the diaper has a 60-day warranty.
Rumor has it that these diapers work wonders at night. I can attest that I accidentally left a 3.1 on my son when I put him to bed one night, and he woke up with dry clothes. I couldn’t believe it considering he can almost out pee these during the day. I would have never expected this kind of result. I always envied other babies that could get away with a trim night time diaper. We quit using cloth diapers at night due to bulk, leaks, and smell. We may give it a go once my son no longer has acidic teething stools.
The reason I'm holding off on using the 3.1 at night is due to no stay dry material in the diaper. Yes, I could use a fleece liner, but sometimes they bunch up. I would rather keep his tender bum as dry as possible. There has been talk about inserts that could be sold separately with stay dry material. This would be the perfect solution to our dilemma. This diaper doesn’t have many cons besides the front flap can roll up at times, and the lack of print options compared to other brands. But this is just being super nitpicky.
Most of my stash to Diaper Rite 3.1’s due to the absorbency, ease of use, and affordability. I love how fast it is to snap the inserts in the diaper. I can even wash and dry my diapers with the inserts intact, so I don’t have to worry about assembly. The 3.1 is the only diaper we can leave the house without needing any additional booster. All of the other brands I own require more absorbency. Those diapers were also more expensive than the diaper rite 3.1.
Something else I love is the snap placement. I prefer diapers that have evenly placed snaps. I just get a better fit this way.
I did an absorbency test to see how much this diaper can hold and to no surprise, it was able to hold 15oz! That is more than most all-in-ones that I know of. So it makes perfect sense why some can use this diaper overnight! I highly recommend this diaper for heavy wetters during the day and moderate wetters overnight. If your child doesn’t need the extra absorbency, you can always use one insert instead of both.
Recently, Ellen, the Owner of Diaper Rite, discovered there had been an error with the anatomy of the 3.1 a few years ago. The diaper was intended to contain two inserts with four layers of bamboo/polyester with two additional layers in the body of the diaper. Instead, the diaper has been produced with two five-layer bamboo/polyester inserts, one layer of bamboo/polyester in the body with a hidden layer of microfiber. There was a mix up with the factor between Diaper Rite and another brand. Unfortunately, that means the diaper isn’t 100% bamboo terry. Fortunately, the diaper has more layers of absorbency. I'm not disappointed one little bit! As much as I loathe microfiber, I haven’t experienced any usual issues that come as a result of microfiber, simply because there’s only one layer and eleven layers of bamboo terry. I am so thankful for this error due to the extra layers of absorbency. I always thought the Diaper Rite inserts were thicker than a similar brand that also had four layers. It turns out there was an extra layer, so there was a reason. I wonder if the diaper had been constructed the way it was initially intended if it would have performed as well as it does. Would this be my favorite diaper? I’m glad shortly after this was discovered that the owner has been open and transparent. The diapers currently in production are unable to be corrected. However, she is getting the care tags re-printed to reflect this. She will also be working on getting the microfiber removed for diapers in the future.

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