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Cloth Diapering Reviews

Doesn’t the gorgeous prints from Bare and Boho take your breathe away and make you want to buy them all??? Bare and Boho is an Australian brand that features hand-painted artwork and offers a variety of products for baby and mama. Designer cloth nappies for the minimalist, but I’m not sure how to be a minimalist with all the beautiful prints and products.

One of the products Bare and Boho offers the V2 cloth diaper, which is an AI2 system, making it easy to change and reuse the wipable covers. V2 covers contain two layers PUL with double gussets. I'm amazed by how incredibly soft the cover is considering most double layer covers I have used are not this soft! The diaper has a four by three rise snaps and ten snaps across the waist. There are two extra snaps on the bottom row of waist snaps for the thigh snaps. I wish it had hip snaps instead as I get a better fit that way. Inside the diaper, there are two snaps to secure the inserts, but you can use any insert. V2 is considered one size fits most with a weight range of 9 to approximately 44 lbs. With as tiny as this diaper gets, I wonder if it could fit a smaller than 9lbs.
Bare and Boho offer bamboo/cotton and hemp inserts as well as boosters to pair with their cover. Each insert consists of four layers of absorbency. What makes their inserts unique is the contoured design along with the gussets sewn in. Unfortunately, it’s shape does create an excessive dry time. Before prepping the inserts, they are buttery soft, but due to the nature of the fabric, it shrinks tremendously. It shrinks so much that I can’t secure the insert to both ends of the diaper and my son is on the last rise snaps. I get a better fit on my son using other inserts because the Bare and Boho inserts are short. I would love to see a bigger size option in the future, closer to the prewash size. Even though the inserts shrink smaller than I would like, I can't deny that these inserts are absorbent. I did an absorbency test, and the insert and booster held a little over 12oz.
Moving on to the swim diaper, which has a much different design than the V2 diaper and is also one size fits most. It features three by three rise snaps and two by three side snaps. The diaper is one layer of PUL and lined with a stay-dry material. The diaper doesn’t contain any absorbency, but if your baby isn’t in the water yet, you can add a booster to prevent leaks. I feel like this swim is made on the smaller side as my son wears the side snaps on the largest setting and he is only 18lbs. He is on the smallest rise snap so I think it may be baggy on a smaller baby. The rise snaps are so close together that it doesn’t change the rise very much at all. I have no issues with the diaper, but I’m not sure how well it would fit on a smaller baby or a bigger baby.

A great compliment to the swim diaper is the swim onesie. It offers great coverage to protect your little one from the sun with long sleeves and mid-length legs with UPF50+. It has a zipper closure in the front and snaps between the legs, making it easy for changes. The swimsuit is also colorfast, so the print won’t fade or wash out. Right now they only have two prints, but hopefully, they will have more options. I have a size 12-18 months, and it fits great with extra room for my son to grow. He might even be able to wear it next summer.

So far I have enjoyed the Bare and Boho products I have and look forward to trying more. I love that their prints are hand-painted by local Australian Artists. They are unique and inspired by nature. When you browse their website, you can read a brief description of each artist. Bare and Boho is responsibly and ethically manufactured in China, and workers are paid 20% higher than the local average. They also offer a 6-month warranty on materials and workmanship from the date of purchase. Overall Bare and Boho products are high quality, and I would recommend, though I would love to see bigger sizes in the future.

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