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Baby Steps


My son recently turned a year old and then suddenly started walking. For a while my husband and I counted his steps and would inform each other and our families how many steps he was on. At first we celebrated two steps, then six, then ten and so on. Each new milestone got a celebration, we're just those type of people. (Now I just spend most of my time trying to catch him!)

I think that New Year's resolutions should be marked and celebrated the same way. Resolving to "go green," can feel like an unachievable marathon. Perhaps instead of focusing on a daunting finish line decide to take some baby steps throughout the year.

Here are a few that I thought of: 


Bar Soap

Try changing out plastic soap bottles one at a time with bar soap. This can be in your bathroom, kitchen, or shower. They are not only eco-friendly, but also smell amazing! PanBam currently has TONS of options from Chagrin Valley to choose from.

You can take it one step further by trying a plastic free shampoo or conditioner bar too!


Cloth Napkins

When I was little my big Italian family would have elaborate holiday meals with nice place settings including matching dishes, multiple forks, and cloth napkins. I thought it was the fanciest occasion ever. Not only are they eco friendly, but they make your meal times feel fancy everyday. I bought 12 cloth napkins two years ago and they are still holding up great! I love getting holiday and seasonal napkins as well.


Cloth Wipes

When my kiddo was first trying solid foods I would wipe him up with 2-3 disposable wipes each meal. It really added up! If you haven't taken the dive with cloth diaper wipes you can test them out in other ways. They are great for messy hands and faces, and can be used with just water or a solution (I love weeessentials wipe cubes,and they come in lots of great smells).

Of course they are great for diapering too. I store mine wet in a Nest Designs wipe pouch and use them just like disposables (minus the throwing away!)

What are other "baby step" suggestions you have? Or what steps do you plan to take toward your resolution?

Whatever it is, don't forget to celebrate along the way! 😉

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