Baby Shower Gift Guide

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A baby boom is upon us! Baby showers are one of my favorite things because gift giving is my love language. I (mostly) don't even care if we can't party in person, I am happy to send gift bags out. My favorite shower gifts I have received and my favorite to give are the things you didn't realize you wanted or needed. 

This list is some of my absolute favorite things to give at baby showers, especially for new moms. They are often lesser known, but they've been the most handy for me. 

1. A Toothbrush

I know that you're thinking this is too old of a gift for a baby shower, but you are wrong. My son got his first two teeth at 6 months old and has pretty much never stopped teething since then. He's two now. Brushing teeth for squirmy babies is very difficult, but recommended from the time they first get teeth. PanBan has carried Grabease and Tiny Twinkle toothbrushes. The double sided bristles on grabease is a lifesaver and the type of handle transitions well into toddlerhood. Tiny Twinkle's handles are perfect for little hands learning to brush too!

2. Nipple Cream

Obviously this is for the breastfeeding mamas, so ask before you go for this one. I wish more people talked honestly about the struggles of beginning nursing with new moms so that they can prepare and be ready to endure and push through to the beautiful parts. Be that friend who shares. Buy the nice nipple cream. 

3. Bapron 

Again, it's not too early. New moms will have 1000 outfits and toys and baby gear, but then their kid will turn 6 months old and all those nice clothes will be wrecked if they don't have quality bibs to protect them. Bapron is nice because it can be rinsed easily and then dries in time for the next meal again... Saving time and requiring less. They also tie behind the back so they don't get ripped off as easily. 

4. Low Tox Baby Items

Whether the parent decides to follow a low tox lifestyle or not, these items clearly communicate that you care. People definitely see the effort and also recognize that these types of higher quality items often cost a little more. It also provides an opportunity for a new mom to trial a product she may have considered but didn't want to invest in without trying first. Some great options are diaper creams, lotions, soaps and shampoos, sunscreen, and bug spray.

5. Self Care Items

One of my favorite things to give an expecting mom is a nice vase of flowers and a chocolate bar. New moms LOVE receiving things for their baby, but it's nice to feel seen and known on the journey too. Maybe I'm a simple person, but I feel like anything that smells nice is self care. Fancy soaps, lotions, and facemasks just make me feel so nice and human.

6. Baby Shoes

I love soft soled shoes and love sharing them with expecting mama friends. Soft soles help the feet develop properly before and after a baby learns to walk. Shoes are usually the last things a mom is thinking about for a newborn since it's easy to keep them in just socks, but a nice looking pair of moccasins or booties for occasions or to complete an outfit are really nice to have on hand. 

PanBam has carried several brands that we like, including Birdrock Baby as pictured, and Scooter Booties. Keep an eye out for more shoes coming soon!

7. Noleo

Noleo is a genuine all purpose baby item. It is cloth diaper safe to use as a cream or moisturizer. I've heard friends use it on cloth wipes as a cleanser. The options are limitless. Currently my boy is itching a ton on his booty and back... It JUST dawned on me to use some Noleo on him to see if that helps relieve his dry winter skin. 

I hope this is helpful for everyone shopping.... For showers or even for themselves! Some of the items listed will be on the website again soon, so keep an eye out. Remember to use code NIKKI at checkout to save when you're shopping.






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