50 Uses For Wetbags

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Wetbags are one of the most versatile diaper accessories and can be used far beyond diapering years. I've compiled a list of uses for the entire family, every age and lifestyle. If you don't have an assortment of wetbags you are missing out! Thankfully PanBam has wetbags in lots of sizes, patterns, and brands to choose from. Use code NIKKI at checkout for a discount!

Dirty diapers on the go

This is the most common use. Just toss your dirties in your wetbag and they will keep your diaper bag smelling fresh until you get home.

Change of clothes

Especially in the car, you can even leave a bag in your trunk so you've got some spare clothes wherever you go.

Wet pool clothes/towels

A dry/wet bag is great for this. The outside pocket keeps your dry dirties away from your wet dirties in the big zipper.

Trash can liner

Empty your trash wetbag right into a dumpster then wash it to avoid plastic garbage bags.

Pail liner

Use them in your diaper pail and then toss it in the wash with your diapers.

Car garbage

The medium and small sizes work great hanging on the back of a passenger seat or in a small trash can.

Kitchen rag bag

Hang a wetbag from your stove and use it to collect unpaper towels and kitchen rags.

Hung on a crib

There are probably 100 different uses for hanging a wetbag from a crib, but mostly I think it looks so pretty!

Hung from a stroller

An easy way to use wetbags on the go... Can be for dirty clothes, diapers, or even trash.

Carry a baby carrier

Keep your baby carrier clean and organized.

Carry toys to go

Keep a small bag of toys in the car for when you're out and about.

Makeup holder

Bare and Boho Mini wetbag is the perfect size for a makeup bag.

Toiletries when traveling

Packing is wetbags is the best. Everything is organized and contained if you have a leak.

Dirty clothes when traveling

Somehow we always forget to pack a dirty laudry bag. A wetbag would be our perfect solution.

Trick or treat bags

Like an old school pillowcase, but cuter.

Easter "baskets"

Fill a bag with Easter goodies!

Snack bags

Perfect for on the go snacks.

Plates, utensils, bapron or bib etc. on the go

This is brilliant for dining out! If they don't have a great setup for kids you're already prepared! EZPZ placemats and grabease utensils fit well in the bapron wetbags.

Cloth pads on the go

I am currently switching over to cloth pads and liners, and having a small wetbag to fit in my purse is an easy way to manage them.

A pail liner in the bathroom for cloth pads

Hang a wetbag next to your toilet or in a small trash for reusable cloth pads.

Pump parts

Anyone who has pumped knows that there are 84625 pump parts to keep organized. Keep a pump set in a wetbag to make pumping on the go smoother.

Dirty gym clothes

Keep that stink well contained until wash day.

Craft supplies

My kid loves playing with pom poms. A wetbag is the perfect way to store them along with all the other crafts.

Baby shower gift bag

"Wrap," your gift in something useful, reusable, and beautiful!

Hair clippers, guards, and combs

The clippers have been busy here with "quarantine cuts."

Market or grocery sack

If you run out of produce bags or reusable grocery bags.

Laundry hamper bag

We travel quite often, and a wetbag is much easier to bring along than a laundry basket.

Yoga mat and light workout equipment

Designer Bums wetbags are so big that Bri fits inside them. It's safe to say that your yoga mat and workout equipment will fit for a relaxing outdoor yoga session or a class once they reopen.


Bare and Boho's mini wetbag is the perfect size for a cute wristlet.

Diapering accessories inside your diaper bag

Keep all those creams and sprays together!

Dog treat carrier

You'll be everyone's favorite human at the dog park.

Pack each outfit for young kids camping/trips

When I was a camp counselor one girls mom packed each day's outfit in a ziplock bag. She never scrambled to put something together or lost anything from her suitcase, it was genius!

Gardening tools

Take your seeds, shovel, gloves, and shears out to the garden all in one trip.

Summer essentials bag

Have your sunblock, bug spray, body wipes, hand sanitizer, and other summer essentials all together. I keep this one in my stroller so it's ready wherever we go.

Reusable straws

Ditch your plastic straws and keep reusable ones in a small wetbag in your glove compartment.

Sorting play

My one year old is in the sorting phase. I cannot find enough jars, bowls, and bags for him to put things in.

Toy sets

I'm a person who needs sets to stay together. This would be perfect for grapat pieces or sets or Lego sets.


Have a small wetbag for each toddler puzzle to keep them organized.

Charging cords/cables

Organize your cables by device in wetbags. I know I'm not the only one with 50 phone chargers and a husband who is always looking for one.

Pens and pencils

A super cute pencil pouch for school age kids.

Junk drawer organizing

Every size battery known to mankind, small tools, loose buttons... What is floating around your junk drawer?

Travel sewing kit.

Never let ripped pants ruin your day.

Sports equipment sack

Baseballs, tennis balls, gloves, shin guards, etc.

Cloth wipes

You could store wipes wet or dry.

Cup and cup wash/wipes

The mini wetbags are the perfect size for a menstrual cup and cleaning supplies for on the go.

Medicine bag

This is great for traveling or even just the basics on the go.

Pet leashes and collars

My dogs have their own cabinet at my house and it needs some serious organization. Leashes get tangled too easily.

Toys for the dog park

Keep a bag of tennis balls, racket balls, and chew toys in your trunk for the dog park.

School lunch sacks

Replace paper lunch bags with a cute and reusable wetbag.

Travel first aid kit

Stock up on all the essentials without the bulky plastic carry case. Make sure it's labeled well and red if possible so that it's easily recognizable if strangers respond to an emergency.
What are your favorite ways to use wetbags? Did I miss one? Let me know in the comments!

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