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I don't know about you, but Christmas is sneaking up on me this year! Despite it being the longest year in history, this Fall has flown by! Pan Bam is having a big Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday sale this year. More details and specifics are on the website... go check them out! 👀

PanBam great one-stop shop for Christmas shopping, but I also find so many things are the perfect size (and price!) for stocking stuffers. Here's a short list of what I'd recommend for stockings:

1. Scrubees

PanBam has a couple brands of silicone scrubbers and an exclusive tye dye one from Big Bee Little Bee. These are great for kiddos and even for adult faces.

We are also excited to have new adult size scrubees from Big Bee Little Bee! No more sharing  with (stealing from) your kids 😉

2. Chagrin Valley Shave Balm

My husband has to shave everyday for work and it kills his face. I try to include nice moisturizers and shave accessories in his gifts as often as possible to help his sensitive skin. 

3. GoSili Travel Mugs

These are perfect for anyone. I have one and my son has one with a straw. You can elevate the gift too by putting a small bag of local coffee beans or a couple pocket lattes inside. 

Sidenote! These also make GREAT teacher gifts! 

4. Yay Bags

These are a great, practical, all purpose gift. They can be used for groceries or as a cute tote and fold down small! 

5. Begin Again Puzzles

My son turns two next month and is starting to become fascinated with puzzles. I love watching his brain work and his fine motor skills improve. If a puzzle is too difficult for him too he tends to use the pieces for imaginative play, which is also a win in my book!

6. Chagrin Valley Salt and Seaweed Spa Bar

These look like a dreamy, luxury, treat yo' self night waiting to happen. I haven't tried it yet but I'm dying to.... In case my husband is reading.... Hint, hint 😉

7. Lip Balm

I can't be the only person who gets a full years supply of lip balm every Christmas! I was seven when I got my first cherry chapstick and new lip balm has always felt like Christmas ever since. Especially in cold, dry, winters! I'm currently loving the Pantry Holiday Herbal Lip Salve.

8. Crunchy Love Co Headbands

These can be dressed up or down.... I love them for all occasions and always get compliments when I wear them. 

9. Bath Bombs

Guys, I will never NOT suggest a bath bomb. I'm writing this while currently soaking in a killer bath 🛀 Also, these fit perfectly into the toe of a stocking.... You're welcome. 

10. Tasty Treats!

When all else fails, deck out the stocking with treats. One year my husband fit five pounds of sour patch kids in my stocking, no joke! 


I just saw SOME of the sales for this weekend, and trust me, you don't want to miss out! If you're shopping AFTER the Black Friday weekend you can use code NIKKI to save. 

Enjoy a happy and safe holiday with your family ❤️

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