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We are a small business located in Cleveland, Ohio.

We offer a range of eco-friendly goods for the whole family!

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  • Our Mission To End Cloth Diaper Need

    Beginning on October 8th, we will be offering our most affordable Cloth Diapering Kit.

    Families both domestic and abroad will be able to find the Pannolino Bambino MCN - Diapering on a Dime Cover Kit for $99.

    The Kit Includes:

    -12 Gentle Fit Covers

    -21 Snap In Trifolds

    -One Small Wetbag

    -One Medium Wetbag

    -One Large Wetbag

  • Cloth & Beyond

    Launching in 2022

    We will be releasing a range of products for the whole family!

    One of these products is something we find very cost prohibitive to most families and we aim to bring it to all families, affordably.

    If you have anything you would love to see send over an email to bri@pannolinobambino.com and lets chat!

  • Cloth Safe, Non Toxic, Eco-Friendly Detergent

    Check Out Our Offerings

    Here at Shop Pannolino Bambino we have a few different options for detergent.

    One of the most popular among our community is the tried and true Dinobi Detergent - perfect for cloth diapers, gentle, and can be used with both soft & hard water types.

    Check out the Bergamot + Lime or the Trial Size that can be used as a spot treatment!

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